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Quality Assurance Programme in Haematology and Serology

Complete Blood Count

Survey materials: Two whole blood samples.  
Tests requested: WBC, RBC, Hb, Hct, MCV and Platelet.


Survey materials: Two lyophilized plasma samples.  
Tests requested: APTT, PT and INR.

Blood Film

Survey materials: Two slides of peripheral blood film with brief history and CBP results. 
Tests requested: Differential Count, RBC Morphology, WBC Morphology and Platelet Morphology.

ABO and Rh(D) Grouping

Survey materials: Two sets of blood cells suspension and Serum.
Tests requested: ABO Grouping and Rh(D) Grouping.

Objective Criteria for Performance Evaluation of Haematology and Serology

In each quarterly survey exercise a package of two EDTA-blood, two smears, two lyophilized plasmas and two citrated cell suspensions/sera will be sent to participating laboratories for full blood count, white cell differential/cell morphology, coagulation studies and blood group serology, respectively.  Survey data must be returned for statistical analysis before the due date, otherwise regarded as late return.  "Late Return" will be stated in the survey report.

Results of blood count and coagulation study generated by participating laboratory will not only be compared to the overall mean derived from all returned results but also compared to the mean established from participants using same instrument and reagent, respectively.  A variable of standard deviation beyond "2" suggests a significant deviation.  Critical review of the analytical procedure is desirable.

Readouts of white cell differential and cell morphology and haemagglutination scores of ABO- and Rh-grouping of participating laboratory will be compared to the mode value established from all returned results and the consensus value of the Haematology Panel.


Should there be any data discrepancy in the survey report or any disagreement with the performance evaluation, participant can appeal to the chairman of HKIMLSQAP for amendment and review.


Each participant is assigned with a laboratory code for submitting survey result. The key to decipher the identities of participants is limited to few authorized members of HKIMLSQAP Council, (Council Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Office Staff) who are forbidden to release the identities of the participants.
Accreditation body would access to participant's performance during assessment, however, HKIMLSQAP keeps all details of participant's identities confidential and will not disclose their identities to a third party unless required by legislation.

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