Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Quality Assurance Programme Ltd.

in collaboration with


RIQAS Randox Laboratories


for Hong Kong


Clinical Chemistry Program


Survey material:  12 vials freeze-dry lyophilized serum



1             ACE

2             Acid phosphatase, prostatic

3             Acid phosphatase, total

4             Albumin

5             ALP

6             ALT (ALAT)

7             Amylase, pancreatic

8             Amylase, total

9             AST

10          Bicarbonate

11          Bile acids

12          Bilirubin, direct

13          Bilirubin, total

14          Calcium, ionised

15          Calcium, total

16          Chloride

17          Cholinestease

18          UIBC

19          Cholesterol

20          CK, total (CPK)

21          Copper

22          Creatinine

23          D-3-hydroxybutyrate

24          Fructosamine

25          Free T3

26          Free T4

27          Gamma GT

28          GLDH

29          Glucose

30          HBDH

31          HDL-Cholesterol

32          Iron

33          Lactate

34          LD (LDH)

35          Lipase

36          Lithium

37          Magnesium

38          NEFA

39          Osmolality

40          Phosphate, inorganic

41          Potassium

42          Protein, total

43          PSA

44          Sodium

45          TIBC

46          Total T3

47          Total T4

48          Triglycerides

49          TSH

50          Urea

51          Uric acid

52          Zinc

 Survey Report: 12 monthly performance reports and an end of cycle performance analysis

On-line Submission of Result

Participant is required to submit monthly results online to RIQAS System before deadline. Result entry beyond deadline will not appear in the report.


Participant is recommended to submit the registration form to HKIMLSQAP three months before commencement of "Registration Period".
Participant is allowed to register 5 instruments at maximum free of charge provided the participants can utilize the proficiency testing materials for 5 machines. No extra materials will be provided.
Participant is required to update the assay details including method, instrument, gen number, supplier, unit and temperature whenever necessary.


Should there be any data discrepancy in the survey report or any disagreement with the performance evaluation participant should appeal to the Chairman of HKIMLSQAP for amendment and review.


Each participant is assigned with a laboratory code for submitting survey result. The key to decipher the identities of participants is limited to few authorized members of HKIMLSQAP Council, (Council Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Office Staff) who are forbidden to release the identities of the participants.
Accreditation body would access to participant’s performance during assessment, however, HKIMLSQAP keeps all details of participant's identities confidential and will not disclose their identities to a third party unless required by legislation.




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